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Mastering Biodynamics – The state of biodynamics worldwide


We will illustrate the difference between biodynamic and organic viticulture and explore why so many top wineries today are committed to the farming method. Furthermore, we will explain the biodynamic principles, also beyond the much quoted cow horn and cosmic rhythms. You will be informed about the current state of biodynamics and together we will discuss what sustainability can also mean in restaurants and trade.

The four-part webinar series with Romana Echensperger MW & Dr. Georg Meissner will be held in the presence of  internationally renowned biodynamic winemakers each of whom will be accompanied by a wine tasting.

English will be spoken during the webinars.


Wednesday, June 8th 2022: Introduction -The state of biodynamics worldwide

Men & Measure – The modern principles of biodynamic viticulture in the presence of Olivier Humbrecht MWDomaine Zind-Humbrecht, Alsace



06:30 – 07:30 p.m. lecture

07:30 – 08:00 p.m. Tasting & discussion


CHF 155.-/€ 150.- per Webinar without wines

CHF 197.-/€ 190.- pro Webinar including wine (75cl)

CHF 580.-/€ 560.- When booking all four webinars, without wines.

CHF 740.-/€ 720.- When booking all four webinars, including wines.

The wines will be sent within Switzerland, for participation from countries outside Switzerland the wines must be procured in the respective country, we will send you the wine list. The prices include postage costs within Switzerland.


Romana Echensperger MW

Romana has been a Master of Wine since 2015 and is now a self-employed wine author, trainer and consultant. She worked as a Chef Sommelière in top restaurants in Germany and Spain. As the author of a comprehensive book on the biodynamic wine scene in German-speaking countries (“Von der Freiheit den richtigen Wein zu machen”), Romana has been intensively involved with the topic of biodynamics for years.

Dr. Georg Meissner

Georg is a leading teacher and researcher in the field of biodynamic agriculture and viticulture with a degree in oenology from Montpellier. A former production manager for Alois Lageder’s wineries and a researcher in viticulture at Geisenheim University, he travels to wine-growing regions around the world as a seminar leader and source of inspiration. Since 2006, Georg has been significantly involved in a long-term trial investigating the differences between conventional, organic and biodynamic cultivation on three Riesling plots. The experiences and findings from this and other trials show that the advantages of biodynamics for the overall quality of soil, plant and wine are scientifically provable.